Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Another way to improve your English is to keep a vocabulary notebook. You can get a special alphabetised note book or you can make your own note book. Each time your teacher teaches and a new word crops up, copy the word and its meaning into your vocabulary book. Bring it along with you everywhere and while you are waiting for the bus or waiting for a tv programme to start, just take it out to review it. Look at the way the word is used and how it is spelt. Draw mind-maps and pictures to help you remember. Use colours creatively to make the notebook special.
The last tip in building vocabulary is to use the new words you have learnt in your essays or in your journal. Remember to look up new words in your dictionary. Jot down the correct usage and sentences. Begin to use these words in your composition.Before long, you will certainly notice that you have increased your vocab and your English has improved.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Journal your year

To the new form five students, this is your year. You are either all fired up about this year or you are rather apprehensive. Some of you have made new year resolutions to improve your English. There are several types of journals that you can do to kickstart your progress.

1 Keep a newspaper journal.
Cut an article and just paste it into your newspaper journal. Look up three new words and their meanings. Do this project for thirty days. Look out for advertisements, short texts, cartoon strips and letters.

2 Keep a journal or diary
Begin to write in your journal once a day. Keep a special time for this.. I prefer to write before I go to sleep. I just jot down everything in my mind, my worries, my problems, ideas and things to do. Just keep on writing until you feel sleepy.

3 Keep a journal of the happenings in school or blog about school. This will help you express yourself.

Happy journalling. Let me know your progress.
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