Thursday, October 29, 2015

Common errors found in students' essays

Correct the following sentences
1. We were enjoyed ourselves very much.
2. We also can prevent the breeding of the mosquitoes.
3. The principle reminded the students to come early for their exam.
4. Thanks for give me this opportunity.
5. Suddently, the car crashed into the tree.
6. If you are effected by dengue fever, you will have the following symptoms.
7. Than, we need to destroy the breeding grounds of the mosquitoes.
8. Then, dengue fever have more at our housing area.
9. Nowaday, we can see many cases of dengue fever.
10. Dengue fever have many symptoms.
11. Futhermore, the patience of dengue fever will vomit.
12. Because of dengue fever, many people have died.
13. And another symptom of dengue fever is vomiting regularly.
14. There are ways how to control the breeding of Aedes mosquitoes.
15. Not just that, you will also have a headache.
16. Dengue fever also make we tired.
17. This will avoid the breeding of the mosquitoes.
18. I am sure you all will agree with me that dengue fever is dangerous.
19. As we know that dengue fever is dangerous ill to everyone.
20. You must take care of your healthy.

Friday, October 23, 2015

5 types of errors found in students' answer for the novel

5 types of errors found in students' answer for the novel:
1. mere mention
Students do no elaborate or give evidence.
For example:
The most important event in the novel is the great escape. Rory took Granda out of Rachnadar.
2. mere narration
Students tell the story without answering the question. They are merely giving a synopsis of the story.
3. factual errors
Students do not know the novel well and they tried to elaborate but ended up giving factual errors.
For example:
Granda died at the bus shelter.
4. switching between tenses
If you answer in the present tense, do not change. If you are more comfortable answering in the past tense, make sure it is all in the past tense.
5. answering only one part of the question
For example:
Describe a sad event in the novel and how this event affect the main character.
Describe an event which teaches you a moral lesson.
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