Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Novel - Catch Us If You Can

What is one life lesson that you have learnt from the main character in the novel that you have studied? Support your answer with close reference to the text.

I have studied the novel 'Catch Us If You Can' by Catherine MacPhail. The story is narrated by Rory, a young boy who lived alone with his grandfather, Mr. McIntosh whom he lovingly calls 'Granda'. Rory's father had left him when he was still small and his mother had died of a broken heart.
One life lesson that I have learnt from Rory is that one should be a responsible family member. Rory was a very responsible boy even though he was still a young kid. He realised that Granda had looked after him all his life and now that Granda needed him, he would take care of him. He did the shopping and cooking. He cleaned the house.
Rory also gave up football for Granda. Mr Hood, his football coach had asked him to join the football team but he lied that he did not like football anymore. The truth was, he needed to look after Granda. Granda relied on him to get his lunch and he also had to make sure Granda took his pills. Sometimes, he rushed home during lunchtime to buy two hot pies for their lunch.
When Granda was hospitalised at Rachnadar, Rory realised that if he left Granda there, he would be very miserable and sick. He was very frightened when he visited Granda and he did not respond to him. He was afraid that he would 'be dead inside'. He decided to run away with Granda in order to save him.
Darren's mother was concerned for Rory. She felt that Rory should not have to bear this kind of responsibility. However, Rory felt that it was his responsibility since there was nobody else. Finally, when he found out about his father, he felt that it was high time he lived up to his responsibility as a son and father.


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