Wednesday, June 24, 2009

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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Descriptive Essays

In the next few weeks, I would be posting some excellent essays written by my students.

My Best Pal
Close friendships are hard to come by these days. In an ever-changing world with people striving to achieve their interpretation of preordained success, it is hard to know who your true friends are. Fortunately, I found my best pal early at the tender age of seven. We were both enrolled at the same school and were at wits’ ends as we searched tirelessly for our designated classes.
Samantha and I got acquainted as both of us were in the same class and sat next to each other. Samantha was a happy-go-lucky girl who always managed to breathe fresh air into the sometimes arid classroom. She always knew what to say and would voice them at the best possible moments. Both pupils and teachers alike enjoyed her company and liveliness. There was hardly ever a dull moment when she was around with her funny quips and expressions.
Samantha was born with a silver spoon. Her father was a businessman and her mother owned and ran a boutique. Both her parents were very caring towards her as she, just like I, was the only child of the family. Samantha came to school each day with a perpetual smile. She was a very nice person to be around with. She and I used to go everywhere together and both of us were rarely seen apart. We used to talk about so many things as we walked, thoroughly enjoying our time together.
One day, I went to school and forgot to ask my parents for lunch money. At first, I was not hungry and thought I could bear going without a meal but soon, my stomach began to growl. Without asking, Samantha generously paid for my meal and drinks during recess. The incident revealed to me how lucky I was to have such a caring and compassionate friend.
As time went on, people started teasing us as we were spending more and more time together. We seemed to know what each other thought and we cared for each other deeply. Was I in love with her? I did not know then and we both knew we were too young for all that emotional roller coaster.
Currently, Samantha and I are studying at different schools. It was hard to be apart at first, but technology in the form of instant messaging and e-mails have helped to bridge the gap in our friendship. I sincerely wish our friendship will never end as it would be equivalent to waking up from a beautiful dream.

Written by, Manu Menon (2007) (edited version)

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Directed Writing

You will be required to write the following:
1 Letters - Formal
2 Report - for a survey, for a school magazine/newsletter

3 Articles

4 Speech

5 Description of an event/person/place

6 Recount (e.g. retelling of events in a diary)

The first thing you need to know is the format for each of the above for they garner about 3 marks.

Letter - the usual addresses, date, salutation, etc should be there. You should sign off with "Yours faithfully" for formal letters and not 'Yours sincerely'.

Salutations: Dear Sir or Dear Madam or Dear Edmund

For informal letters: Dear Susan,

For report, follow the format given by the textbook.

Title of the report

End with:

Reported by:
Jenny Ho
English Society

For articles:

Title of article

By: Jenny Ho
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