Monday, October 18, 2010

The Pearl - Revision

The Pearl

The following are the novels studied in the literature component in English Language:

Jungle of Hope - Keris Mas
The Pearl – John Steinbeck
The Return – K.S. Maniam

Choose an event in the novel you have studied which you find to be the most unforgettable event. Give reasons for your choice and, with close reference to the text, discuss the event. (Cloned – 2004 SPM)

The Pearl

The event that is most unforgettable in The Pearl is when Juana defies her husband to help save the family. She realises that the pearl has brought them more problems than happiness, and they need to get rid of it. She tells Kino that the pearl is evil and that it will destroy them, including her son. However, Kino refuses to listen to her. So, she decides to defy Kino and throw the pearl back into the sea.

It is still very early in the morning and it is still dark. Juana wakes up and moves quietly to the fireplace to get the pearl. She moves quietly out to the sea. Kino finds out and follows her quietly. When she realises he is after her, she runs and tries to throw the pearl back into the sea. Kino wrenches the pearl from her and strikes her face and kicks her. Juana stares at him with wide unfrightened eyes. Suddenly, someone attacks him and tries to take the pearl from him. In the fight, Kino takes his knife and kills him.
Juana quickly helps him and gets the pearl for him.

This event is the most unforgettable because it reveals how much Kino has changed, from a loving, contented husband to a violent abuser, all because of the pearl. Besides, it also shows me the resilience of Juana and her deep love for her husband. She has no anger for her husband even though he had beaten her. She understands him when he says, “I am a man.” She still follows him and obeys his orders. When she discovers he has killed a man, she even help him hide the body and get his pearl for him.
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