Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Perak Trial Exam -= The Pearl

The Trial Exam question on The Pearl was:
Describe an important event
Give reasons why you choose the event


There are two parts to the task given. First, to describe an important event and second, give reasons why you chose that event as the most important.

Important event - when Kino found the greatest pearl
(Describe this event, not mere mention of the event)
Reasons: give at least two reasons.
The most important event is when Kino found the greatest pearl of the world. He had felt very dejected and angry toward the doctor who refused to treat his son, Coyotito because he did not have money. So, early in the morning, he had set out for the sea with Juana, with much hope. He dived into the sea and as he was young, he could remain underwater a long time. Suddenly, he spotted a very large oyster and got a glimpse of a shiny object within. He opened the smaller oysters first and found nothing. Then, he opened the large oyster and there, he found, a large pearl, as big as a seagull's egg, perfect as the moon. Kino gave a loud scream, overcome with emotion.
I chose this event as the most important event because the finding of the pearl triggered many other events. This event was the start of all of Kino's troubles and finally, he would lose his son while trying to protect the pearl from the trackers.

Besides, this event also revealed the true character of Kino, who became very stubborn and refused to let go of the pearl even though he was warned repeatedly by Juana that the pearl was evil. Juan Tomas, also warned him about going against the system.
Finally, this event revealed the greed of the many people of La Paz. Immediately after he found the pearl, Kino had a visit from the priest who hoped to get some donation from him. Then, the doctor came to visit, frightening Kino to allow him to treat Coyotito who by then had become well again. He even offered to keep the pearl for Kino. Even the pearl buyers also collaborated to cheat Kino.

Comments: This answer fulfills the task set. The event is described in detail and three reasons given. Many students just described the event without giving reasons, or some just mention the event and citing many reasons. Marks will be deducted for that.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Pearl

The Pearl

When answering the essay question for the novel, always give three points with elaboration. For example, if you are asked to write about the character you dislike and give reasons to support your answer. Your rough plan would look like the notes I have made below:

1. Character you dislike
The doctor
1. he oppressed the poor and uneducated. he was of a race which for nearly four hundred years had bullied and despised Kino’s race
- when Kino came to ask him to treat his son who had been stung by a scorpion, he said, “Have I nothing better to do than to cure insect bites for little Indians. I am a doctor, not a veterinary.” Here, he implied that Kino’s race are animals.
- Demanded money before he wanted to treat Kino’s baby – turned it down when he saw only eight ugly misshapen pearls.
2. greedy- demanded moneywhen he heard that Kino had found the Pearl of the World, he claimed that Kino was his client. He also thought of Paris,his mistress and all the pleasures he would enjoy. He plotted to get the pearl. He visited Kino….
- frightened Kino into letting him treat Coyotito who was already better by telling him that the sting would suddenly become worse and sometimes there will be a withered leg or a blind eye
- Gave a capsule of white powder which made Coyotito sick and came back an hour later and gave him three drops of ammonia……demanded payment. Tried to read Kino’s eyes to see where he was hiding the pearl.
3. cruel – caused Coyotito to be sick for the sake of getting the pearl and he also conducted clumsy abortions, causing many to die. Also an ignorant doctor and a glutton, villagers refer to him as a fat lazy doctor.

Another question to try.

Do you like the ending of the story. Describe the ending of the story and state your reasons.

Describe the ending : Kino killed all the trackers cold-bloodedly but in the process, Coyotito was shot. The tracker thought that the baby’s cry was a coyote and he shot at the direction of the cry. At the same time, Kino attacked him and killed them all. He returned sadly with Juana to the village and he threw the pearl away.

I like the ending
1 Kino has learnt his lesson – finaly he had to let the pearl go because it had caused him to lose his son even tho he had said that the pearl had become his soul – repeatedly warned by Juana that his pearl is evil but he refused to listen.
2 Good triumph over evil – all manner of people grew interested in the pearl but no one could get hold of it in the end, not the pearl buyers, the doctor, the attackers and the trackers.
3 There was a closure for Kino as he had to throw the pearl back into the sea himself – signifying the end of his pursuit and his dream.

Dislike the ending because:

1. Coyotito died in the fighting – he was innocent but he was killed…..(describe the fight)
2. Kino did not succeed in improving his life and he had lost everything- his house which was burnt down, his canoe – the source of his income was destroyed and finally, he lost his only son.
3. no mention about what became of the doctor – got away with his cruelty….(had done so much harm but nothing happened to him)
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