Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Pearl

1 Read the question carefully. If there are two parts, answer both parts.

2 Use only one tense throughout. E.g. If you start with the present tense, continue the rest of the essay. Check for grammatical errors.

Here are some questions to think about

1 Describe an event in the novel you have read which teaches you a life lesson?
(Plot and Moral value)
Key words: Describe event; life lesson

Example: Describe the event where Kino hits his wife...lesson you learn - one should not abuse our spouse

2 Describe an event in the novel you have read which portrays a theme of the novel?
Key words: describe event; theme

Describe the event where the doctor comes to see Kino the minute he hears that Kino has found the Pearl of the World..he frightens Kino into allowing him to treat Coyotito...he gives a capsule of white powder to Coyotito and goes home. The white powder makes Coyotito sick. He comes back in an hour and gives him three drops of ammonia to make him better. He asks for payment...pretending not to know about the pearl...

Theme - greed

Monday, November 16, 2009

THIS IS IT!!!!!!


1 Do not spend too much time on this section and neglect continuous writing.

2 Spend some time preparing first before you start writing:
i. Task: what is required of you? Formal letter? Informal? article? report? etc
ii. Tone: Formal or informal
iii.Points given: count the number of points given
If it is less than 12, are you required to elaborate or add your own points?
iv. Vocabulary: think of some apt vocab to add into your writing.
Do not overuse proverbs or idiomatic expressions.
v. Check for grammatical errors..past tenses/present tenses or future tenses
3 Do not count the number of words. One and a half page should suffice.

For trial exam questions, go to http://koleksisoalan.blogspot.com/

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Question for practice

Describe a decision that is made by one of the characters in the novel that you have read and how this decision changed the rest of his life and others around him.


1 Describe the decision
For example: Kino decided not to sell his pearl to the pearl buyers and
decided to go to the capital...(give more details)

2 Discuss how this decision changed the rest of his life

- how he punched and kicked Juana
- killed a man
- they had to leave La Paz
- house was burnt down, canoe destroyed
- eventually hunted by trackers
- lost Coyotito
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