Wednesday, October 16, 2019

An important event

Describe an important event in the novel and how this event changed the life of the character forever.
An important event  which changed the life of Dawan is the scholarship event. On that morning, the teacher did not announce the winner yet.  He started to talk about the sacks of rice in their homes as rentals to the landlord.  Dawan asked why the landlord owned the land instead of the villagers.  The teacher was surprised at her bravery to speak up.  He went on to talk about the injustice and the need to change the system. 
   Suddenly, the headmaster appeared, peering through the windows and the teacher changed the subject to Geography.  When the headmaster had left, he told them that winning the scholarship was more than a prize, it was a heavy responsibility.  He reminded them that the winner must learn how to think and perceive what is wrong with society, to analyse and understand the rules, and change it for a fairer system.  He asked Dawan if she could do all that.  Then, he announced that Dawan had won the scholarship.  Everyone was surprised.
     This event changed Dawan’s life forever.  We would see how Dawan tried to go against her father who believed that girls should not have a fancy education.  We saw how determined she was when she went to see her cousin Noi, who had lived in the city before.  However, her cousin Noi discouraged her and told her the city was not for a girl like her.  She also went to see the Head Monk to get his support and again, he told her what could a mere girl like her do when many have tried and failed.  Finally, she went to talk to her father.  She persuaded her father for her one chance to try.  Her determination paid off when her father finally allowed her to go.
     In conclusion, the scholarship event where Dawan won the scholarship changed Dawan’s life forever. She went against the system, the gender discrimination and fought for her chance to continue her studies.  Finally, she was able to pursue her studies in the city, hoping to return one day to improve the village.

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