Thursday, February 26, 2009


Hello everyone! I just want to thank everyone who has been visiting and following this blog. I noticed that the number of hits is almost close to 100 a day. I would appreciate it if visitors could sign my guestbook or give comments to help me improve this site.
Now, back to keeping a vocabulary notebook. I hope you have bought your new vocab book.

The next section to create in your notebook is collocations. Collocations refer to words that go together.
An example of a verb + noun collocation is:

Can you keep an eye on my bag while I buy something?

Now, try to complete the blanks below:

If you _______ a mistake, just erase it off.
You should _______ a chance and _____ for his help.
He ______ his temper easily when he is tired.
He should ____ more attention to his children at home.

Next, how many collocations can you list for the following verbs:

make, have, take


make amends
make an application

have an argument

take action

You can add to the list by searching online. This list of collocations are important when answering the cloze test in the exam as well as when writing your essays.

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