Friday, March 20, 2009

Challenger 2

I hope you have completed Challenger 1 in your vocabulary notebook.

Challenger 2
Write down 20 phrases or useful chunks that you come across through your reading. If you are not reading anything interesting, then, you will have to search actively in the magazines and newspapers.

I have just finished reading Marley and Me by John Grogran. Some useful chunks that I have collected in my journal are:

1 my perseverance paid off
2 prized possession
3 hard, unrestrained, from-the-gut sobbing
4 rambunctious, wired dog
5 I slinked around town self-consciously, convinced all eyes were on me. My ears burned imagining people talking about me.

After you have collected these chunks, try to use them in your own writing. Soon, these phrases will become a part of you.

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