Sunday, May 17, 2009

Tips for Summary Writing

1 Read the text once through and try to get a gist of what the text is all about.
2 Read the question and determine the task; look out for words like
feelings, response, what you saw and did, benefits, problems, advantages and
3 Do not try to rephrase if you are not very good in English. It is better to
select intelligently and join the sentences with connectors.
4 Content = 10 marks Language = 5 marks
So, it is better to go for content. If the sentences are lifted intelligently,
you will get about 2 marks for language.
5 Memorise some synonyms as they are useful to replace single words. This will
help you get more marks for language.
6 Do keep within the word limit as points after 130 words are not taken into


Thomas C B Chua said...

Jenny, as a retired EL teacher, your tips on summary writing is very practical and down to earth.It does pay to teach the type of summary we were taught those days. The Marking Scheme is too friendly to poorer students, and does not reward better students who try harder to really summarise. You are doing a great job to help students. Labour on.

Alia said...

hi, i would ask a question obout summary. i'm spm candidates and i always feel scared while writing summary as i think it would be over the limit.if u don't mind, would u teach me on the steps of writing good summaries..?

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