Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Past years' questions on The Pearl

2001 Which character do you like best? Give reasons to support your answer.
2002 Write a detailed account of an event in the novel which teaches you an important moral lesson
2003 Which character do you sympathise with in the novel you have studied. Explain why you sympathise with this character. Support your answer with evidence from the novel
2004 Choose an event in the novel you have studied which you find to be the most memorable. Give reasons for your choice and with close reference to the text, discuss the event.
2005 Love is important in a family. Discuss how this is shown in the novel.
2006 The writer describes the main character as a very determined person. Using the details from the
novel, write about
- some instances that show the character’s determination
- how the determination affects his/her family.
2007 - Describe a character you admire and give reasons.
2008 - Do you like the ending of the novel you have studied? Give reasons for you choice with close reference to the text.

2009 - ??????????????? Theme???? Moral lesson?????

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