Thursday, March 18, 2010

Journalling Project begins today

Someone suggested that I should post the journalling prompt and discuss how to write the topic. So, we shall start with Journalling Prompt 1:

What are the things that you would change about your school?

you can comment on
- the rules and regulations
- the school environment
- the classroom facilities
- school hours
- sports
- extra class

So, get your pen and paper and start writing...
If you want me to comment or post your writing, just email them to me


LJ Gautier said...

I'm from Kedah, Kulim, and I found some of the essays in this blog extremely fascinating, is it ok, if I to join this Journaling program?

FYI, I'm Form V this year

Jen's corner said...

sure, u r welcome

Chris said...

Hi Ms Jenny,I'm Christopher Ng,remember me?now I'm in Brunei,add my facebook MSN please,thank you

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