Thursday, November 3, 2011

Sad Event Question

Question: Write about a sad event and its effect on the characters in the novel that you have read. Give evidence to support your answer.


The novel that I have studied is Catch Us If You Can by Catherine MacPhail. This novel is about a young boy named Rory who lived alone with his grandfather. When Rory and Granda were separated due to a fire, Rory made a decision to run away with Granda so that they could be together.
One of the sad event in this novel is when a fire broke out at the flats where Rory and Granda were staying. On that day, Rory was heading to the bakery as usual to get lunch, the baker told him that something was going on at his flats, the Fire Brigade had gone there and someone had been sent to the hospital. Rory rushed home immediately to find many people surrounding the building. He tried to get into the building. A policeman told him that Granda had been admitted to the hospital but he was going to be all right. Rory heard that Granda had probably left the chip pan on and forgot about it. Then, Rory was taken to the hospital to see Granda.
This event triggered a few other important events which changed their lives forever. As a result of the fire, Rory had to be sent to stay in Castle Street, the children's home and Granda was sent to Rachnadar Hospital. Rory hated Castle Street as he had to face the terrible Tess who bullied everyone around her. He ended up fighting with her. At the same time, Granda was suffering at Rachnadar Hospital. He blamed himself that Rory had ended up in Castle Street. Rory saw that he was retreating further and further into his shell and he did not want Granda to die 'inside'. So, he made a decision to run away.
During the Great Escape, Rory and Granda had to move from place to place. This affected Granda's health. First, they went to Darren's mum's caravan. When Rory received news from Darren that they were found out, they escaped again. This time they were rescued by Ruby and family. They went on an adventurous journey from place to place. At one time, Granda even had to hit a boy who was threatening to catch Rory. Then, Granda hotwired a car and they escaped again. Their adventure ended when Granda fell unconscious at the bus shelter while they were on the run from the police. Finally, Rory had to ask for help and Granda was sent to the hospital. There, they were reunited with Jeff, Rory's father and his new family.
Thus, we can see that the fire that caused Rory and Granda to be separated triggered other events which changed their lives forever. In the end, Rory's problems were solved when they could stay somewhere near his father and they also received home help for Granda and their meals are taken care of by 'meals on wheels'.


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Rima Atria J said...

Hello Madam Jenny!i will be sitting for SPM this year.i'm quite confused right of the requirements to obtain A+ for continuous writing is to write at least 5 pages?presumably about 500 words?

Rima Atria J said...

Hello Madam of the requirements to obtain A+ for continuous writing is to write at least 5 pages?if so,what are the other requirements to ace for continuous writing?

jennyho said...

Dear Rima,
You don't need to write five pages. a little over 350 will do. The important thing is get your grammar right. Try to plan such a way that you will have time to proofread your essay. check your spelling, grammar, punctuation(sms language)and tenses.

jennyho said...

Check under Writing, What makes an A in CW in this blog.

Rima Atria J said...

Thank you very much,Madam!(:what type of essays are convincing?my teacher told me that my essay is good but quite monotonous.i'm scared that i wouldn't be able to think of a good storyline in a short period of time.

Nick Benzjocovic said...

hello madam. thanks god i've found your blog. btw, could i copy the essays, idioms and all the things that i think it is important and make it as my collections? so that its will make me easier to read it without reopen your blog. thanks for your answer :D

niza maiza said...

how about the example and the opinion of our reason??

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