Sunday, November 21, 2010

Continuous Writing


1 Do not memorise whole essays and try to fit it into the given titles. You may try to memorise certain phrases or interesting introductions but if your language does not match the directed writing, your marks will be pulled down.

2 Write about what you know. For example, if your interest is football, then write a story about football. If you like Korean drama, write something Korean, making use of your knowledge and vocabulary. Originality will get you more marks.

3 If you are quite weak in narrative writing, go for the reflective or factual essays.

Topics: How can I help save the environment?
What are the changes I would like to see in my school?


Sacrifire said...

How to say "if your language does not match the directed writing"?thx...

norhasni said...

huh? we cant memorize? but i have already memorize an essay! and i'll try to fit into given titles juz like i do in the trial exm.

farith said...

that depends on the topic isn't?
i myself had memorize some focused essays and maybe we should only memorize the content as the question of course would be various for one topic

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