Tuesday, November 23, 2010

What is an 'A' script for Continuous Writing?

An 'A'script has the following features:

1 accurate language - few slips only, no serious errors like errors in tenses

2 accurate spelling across the board

3 precise vocabulary - do not be too obsessed with idioms and flowery phrases. many students use bombastic words but it is not suitable.

4 interesting and original...write from the heart

5 correct tone - if it is formal, then use a formal tone, if it is a friendly letter, then it should sound informal...

Jun, go ahead and write your imaginative essays but be careful about your errors. Do not write too long. Leave about 10 minutes for editing.


Keira said...

Hi. For the 2010 eng essay, I chose the title, Home. This was what I wrote(just the intro).what do u think? I wanted to email you, but there isn't want on your site.

My home was the forest. I lived among the trees and the bushes, the rocks and the rivers. I could name every creek that dribbled through the vast land, every tree rooted to the warm brown earth beneath my feet. The chirping of birds were my wake up call, the hooting of owls a signal that it was time to rest. The monkeys were my companions, for I prefered them to the nasty red bottomed baboons. The ants, well, they were neither friend nor foe. My daily diet consisted of edible shoots, leaves and berries. If I were lucky, there would be a roasted bird for supper.

Thirty years ago, I was plucked out of obscurity. Part of a government plan to bring modernization to the indigenous tribe of the Malay Peninsula, since we would not venture to it.

(I went on decsribing how men took us away, to the city, life in school-miserable, could not read or write etc. At the end, I wrote about how I realised that even though I now lived in the city, my home would always be the forest.) god, I'm so nervous/worried whether the examiner would like it. And do u think it focuses enough on 'home'?

Feedback's good. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

keira, it's a good intro.. i think u deserve a higher band mark. however it depends on whether your examiner get impressed or not

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