Friday, November 19, 2010

Revision - Part 2

The novel - The Pearl
5 elements to prepare:

1 Character - I like/dislike/admire

Prepare 3 reasons why you choose the character and give evidence from the story for each reason.

2 Theme - Greed destroys; Money is not everything; Love is important; The discrimination of the poor

Show evidence from the novel which depicts the particular theme..give three events/instances.

3 Setting - the place and time of the story (this has never been tested)

4 Plot - unforgettable event, important event, sad event, happy event

5 Moral values/ Lesson learnt - state the lesson clearly. Read the question carefully. Did they ask for one lesson or many lessons?

The question may also combine two elements.
For example: Describe an important event and a lesson learnt.


Fishing143 said...

Thank You very much. I hope these few tips would help me in english paper.

Saodah M.A said...

tqvm. I hope can share this with my students.

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